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Based in beautiful Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, Karin Vandevenne Foster founded  Treveri Law, PC on the premise that families, seniors, singles and small business owners need a long-term, collaborative ADVOCATE in the areas of law that will affect them in cases of catastrophic incapacity affecting families today and for future generations to come as well as impacting day to day business operations. 


At Treveri Law, we ONLY do estate and legacy business planning, no divorces, no general litigation, DWI or plaintiffs work.  We have specialized in and love doing purposeful legal planning with families and with business owners.   We build long-term relationships with our clients so that their legal documents, which are so much more than just "legalize," are as up to date as possible. Over time, we encourage holistic approaches toward educating and communicating with family members, fiduciaries, heirs and even key business personnel. After all, your life and therefore your estate planning and business succession needs may be very different three years from now.  With the unexpected curve balls life and world-wide pandemics may throw at you, having a comprehensive plan in place in case of incapacity or death is paramount.  At Treveri Law, we are honored and humbled to have the privilege to work with clients representing a diverse swath of socio-economic, cultural and educational backgrounds - all in the Land of Enchantment.                     


Serving clients in Albuquerque and Santa Fe and
all over New Mexico 

Our offices are open during normal business hours. We also offer virtual appointments, in person meetings as well as socially distanced meetings at our Albuquerque Office and we will make accommodations when meeting off-site in person.

Covering 122,000 square miles, four distinct land regions and home to 2 million people including 23 Indian tribes New Mexico is the very definition of diverse.  Our wealth consists of ranch land, natural resources including oil and gas, solar and wind, significant art collections and retirees enjoying our 280 beautiful sunny days per year.  We host four military bases, two national labs, two national parks and a Very Large Array. Over July 4th weekend every year, we also host hundreds of visitors to the Roswell AlienFest in honor of the 1947 UFO crash.  

With our rich New Mexico culture, history and diversity, estate planning in the Land of Enchantment can sometimes feel like a Wild West rodeo. Our goal is to give you peace of mind.  We pride ourselves on excellent communication with our clients to overcome the overwhelm of getting their legal, financial, digital and medical affairs in order.  We understand that each estate plan is as unique as our clients.  Some clients may require a will-based plan, while other may benefit from establishing Trusts.  Regardless of what the final documents may be, the way to plan for your future, protect those you love and provide for your loved ones is to consult with a trustworthy estate planning attorney. 

Treveri Law, PC is a premier estate, legacy and business planning law firm serving clients in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho. Edgewood, Moriarty, Taos, Farmington, El Dorado, Socorro, Las Cruces, Roswell, Artesia, Hobbs, Carlsbad, Atec, Bloomfield, Los Ranchos, Corrales, Belen and Los Lunas, New Mexico.  

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"in this World, nothing is certain  except Death and Taxes"   

  - Benjamin Franklin

No matter how large or small your estate may be, there are things we can not control - when (not if) we will die; what laws will be in place when that happens and that we can't take any of it with us. 

But we can plan.  Estate Planning is all about making a plan in advance of your incapacity or death; naming the people or organizations you want to care for you, your minor children and your family and naming your beneficiaries to receive the things you own after you die.  A good estate plan will also use insurance tools to benefit your family in case of an extended illness or loss of income or disability of a business owner or breadwinner.  It will also protect your loved ones in cases of being minors, divorce, lawsuits or bankruptcy or if the receipt of benefits for special needs might be lost with gaining an inheritance.  Taking the steps now to design and communicate your plans will help your family and key agents to carry out your wishes. 

What We Do

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” 

-Alan Lakein


Karin Foster of Treveri Law, PC provided top notch legal services for our family. Karin is a master of her craft and possesses a superior knowledge of the law. The level of organization in her work and the resulting final product were unrivaled and on par with the cost. Karin was a pleasure to work with in all aspects and went above and beyond to ensure we could complete the process from the sanctity of our home. We would highly recommend Karin and look forward to our continued future relationship.   

- Becca, Santa Fe

Karin developed an Estate Planning Portfolio that included end of life documentation such as will, advance directive, power of attorney, etc. We had this done to comply with New Mexico's laws since we just moved from Fl where we had one completed. My wife and I were impressed by her focus on details in developing a comprehensive plan, much more so then one we had in Florida. I would highly recommend her legal acumen in developing a comprehensive plan for the future. 

 - Ron, Albuquerque

Karin is fantastic. We recently moved to New Mexico and had our living trust redone. She is very thorough in providing the ins and outs of New Mexico law. Karin's knowledge, professionalism and very easy to speak with made our visits enjoyable. Karin brought up some information we weren't aware of and are very grateful.
Our visits were relaxing and she made us feel very comfortable. We highly recommend Ms Foster for your legal needs. If we could give 10 stars we would. Thank you Karin.   

- Barry, Los Lunas