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Important 2022 UPATES:  Please note
Due to the volume of calls our office is receiving, we now conduct all of our initial consultation meetings by phone or by Zoom. Please schedule your meeting time below or if you would like a quicker response, please fill in the questionnaire below.  Note that each client or family is entitled to one initial consult meeting.

As of February 15, 2022, we now meet with our Santa Fe clients IN PERSON at our new offices on Old Pecos Trail to complete design, execution and delivery meetings on Wednesdays.  You may schedule a meeting with us below by scheduling on the Santa Fe tabs, or you may call our office.  There is no extra charge for travel to meet you at the Santa Fe Office unless you need to meet with us on a day other than our regularly scheduled visits or at a location other than our office. 

If the client is in hospice in either Albuquerque or Santa and unable to travel, we would be more than happy to travel to them.  There is an additional surcharge for mileage and the time to travel to your location which is will be charged at 1/2 of our posted hourly rate.

In response to COVID-19, we also have options for remote Zoom calls or in-person meetings in our client sterilized conference rooms.


Due to the fact that our practice serves many elderly and hospice clients, if you are not vaccinated, we will require a Zoom meeting in order to complete your planning.)

Scheduling Options
Please click on the desired link to add an event to our calendar. 
Thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon! 

NM Overview meeting

free 25 min


Design Consultation Paid 1 hour with refund


Design Consultation

Paid 1 hour with refund


Review Meeting

part of Estate plan

Our Offices in Albuquerque are located at: 

5600 Wyoming Blvd, NE Suite 250, Albuquerque NM 87109


Our Building, also known as 'Sycamore Plaza' is on the East side of Wyoming between the JCC and the entrance to Walmart.  We are down the street (south) of the Albuquerque Academy and the Whole Foods.  
To access the building from Wyoming Blvd., you will take the entrance road toward the Walmart heading east.  The building will be immediately to your right before you pass the Walmart.  Drive through the two white arches and park on the surface lot.  Upon entering the building, you will see a staircase in front of you.  My suite is at the top of the staircase.  There is an elevator behind the staircase.  Due to security measures, our suite door will most likely be locked, so please ring the bell or knock loudly!  Welcome!

We also have a Dions, Boston Market and Einsteins bagel shoppe within a 2 minute walk from the office. 

As always, if you have any questions or you get turned around, call us at 505-808-0234.

Our Offices in Santa Fe are located at:

                         1800 Old Pecos Trail, Suite A1-4, Santa Fe, NM 87505


Our office suite is on the third floor of a walk up building (no elevators).  If you are not able to walk up two flights of stairs, please let us know immediately and we will make other arrangements to meet with you. 

To find the Treveri Santa Fe office, take Calle Medico off of Old Pecos Trail.  Roll down the hill and to your left you will see Calle Medico Lane.  Immediately after Calle Medico Lane will be a brown building and then a parking lot.  Turn into that lot and drive up the hill to just before the top of the incline.  There will be a sign for suite "G" to your left.  Park near that sign.  You will walk down the ramp and to your right, you will see a glass door marked 'G' (but we are in Suite A).  My office suite will be through the other glass door (My company name will be added shortly).  If the door is inadvertently locked, please call Ms. Foster on her cell number at 505-238-8385.  Come up two flights of stairs.  Upon entering the suite, my office is to your right.  Welcome!