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Important 2023 UPATES:  Please note
Due to the volume of calls our office is receiving, we now only offer PAID consultations with Attorney Foster.  At our consultation we will be happy to explain how estate planning or probate works in New Mexico as well as discuss your unique family circumstances.  If you wish for Attorney Foster to review your documents prior to your meeting, you are free to drop them off at the Albuquerque office at least 3 days before your meeting and we will bill you for the time required to review the documents at your meeting. The paid consultation is a one hour, in person meeting at either our Albuquerque or Santa Fe offices.  Because we will be reviewing your situation and discussing legal matters, this consultation meeting must be pre-paid prior to the commencement of the meeting. 

As of February 15, 2022, we now meet with our Santa Fe clients IN PERSON on WEDNESDAYS at our new offices at 316 E. Marcy Street.   You may schedule a meeting with us below by scheduling on the Santa Fe tab, or you may call our office.  There is no extra charge for travel to meet you at the Santa Fe Office unless we make the drive to Santa Fe specifically to meet with you on a day other than our regularly scheduled visits  or you require a meeting at a location other than our office. 

If the client is in hospice in either Albuquerque or Santa and unable to travel, we would be more than happy to travel to them on a day we are scheduled to be in the office closest to the patient.  There is an additional surcharge of $50 per visit to travel to your location in addition to our fees.  Please note that if a hospice patient requests us to meet with them to complete estate planning documents, there is a MINIMUM two meeting requirement due to the incapacity testing that is required to be able to complete the documents. 


IMPORTANT: If a family member calls our office to request services in behalf of an elderly parent, we will not schedule a meeting until one of our staff members has spoken to the client directly.  If we determine that the client is unable to articulate their name, temporal, spatial or nature of their bounty basic information, we will not be able to complete their documentation - even if a family member wants to 'interpret' for them.

In response to COVID-19, we also have options for remote Zoom calls or in-person meetings in our client sterilized conference rooms.


Due to the fact that our practice serves many elderly and hospice clients, if you are not vaccinated, we will require a Zoom meeting in order to complete your planning.




Monday  - Thursday  9 - 5

Fridays 9 - 12

505 - 808-0234

Option 2 - schedule directly on our calendar! 

 In-Person Scheduling Options
Please click on the desired link to add an event to our calendar. 
Thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon! 


Design Consultation


Pre-Paid 1 hour


Design Consultation


Pre- Paid 1 hour


Review Meeting


Option 3: Lets us call you to schedule! 

Our Offices in Albuquerque are located at: 

5600 Wyoming Blvd, NE Suite 250, Albuquerque NM 87109


Our Building, also known as 'Sycamore Plaza' is on the East side of Wyoming between the JCC and the entrance to Walmart.  We are down the street (south) of the Albuquerque Academy and the Whole Foods.  
To access the building from Wyoming Blvd., you will take the entrance road toward the Walmart heading east.  The building will be immediately to your right before you pass the Walmart.  Drive through the two white arches and park on the surface lot.  Upon entering the building, you will see a staircase in front of you.  My suite is at the top of the staircase.  There is an elevator behind the staircase.  Due to security measures, our suite door will most likely be locked, so please ring the bell or knock loudly!  Welcome!

We also have a Dions, Boston Market and Einsteins bagel shoppe within a 2 minute walk from the office. 

As always, if you have any questions or you get turned around, call us at 505-808-0234.

We also have an Office in Santa Fe located at:

                         316 E. Marcy Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501


We are officing with a bunch of wonderful attorneys at Pettit Enterprise Offices in a small quaint adobe just off the plaza.  There is on the street parking and there is only one step to get into our offices!  Our office is downtown just East of the intersection of Paseo de Peralta and E. Marcy Street.  There is a beautiful park across the street. 


Although the meters in front of our building require payment, the road on the other side of the park is meter free.  We are one block away from the world famous and beautiful La Posada Hotel and the DoubleTree and we are four blocks from the La Fonda Hotel.   


As always, if you get turned around, please feel free to contact our office at 505-808-0234.   


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