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Kids Protection Planning Guide

If you do not have legal guardians named for your children, if something happens to you, a judge will decide who raises your kids.  Take the matter in your hands today.  This is a FREE resource to legally document who you want to raise your kids in case the unthinkable happens to you. Request a copy of your Kids protection Guide today!.

9 Common Mistakes Most Parents Make When Choosing Guardians

Have you made one of these nine common mistakes that could result in your children in the case of someone you would never choose?  Learn how you can fix these mistakes and make sure your children, your family and your money are protected.

5 Legal documents every parent needs

If you’re a parent and are wondering what legal steps you need to take to protect your family, start here. It’s so important for you to have these five documents in place for the protection and well-being of your children. As parents ourselves, we offer these simple guidelines to make a sometimes uncomfortable, but always necessary, process as easy for you as is possible.

Alternatives to Medicaid:  A Long Term Care Insurance Primer

if you can afford the premiums and are insurable, the best solution for long Term Care may be long term care insurance.  Get a copy of The ElderLaw Answers Guide on the basics on choosing the right policy for you. 

The Basics of Medicaid Eligibility

Lacking access to alternatives like long term care insurance or Medicare, most people pay out-of-pocket for care until they become eligible for Medicaid.  Get a copy of the ElderLaw Answers Guild to understand who can qualify for nursing home coverage under Medicaid.

Nursing Homes: Placement and Resident Rights

No single factor is more important to the quality of life of a nursing home resident than visits by family members. 

Get a copy of the ElderLaw Answers Guide to help you locate a good facility and preserve a loved one's dignity. 

Join me for your Family Wealth Planning Session today! 

We serve both Albuquerque and Santa Fe and we can do house calls! 


Yes!  I would like to protect my family and learn more! 

YES!  I know I need to protect my loved ones and I need to scheduled a Family Wealth Planning session immediately with Karin Foster! 

Special needs Planning: 10 Mistakes to avoid

Many families with special needs children worry about how to plan for their children once they are gone.  This useful guide highlights the needs for careful consideration for things like whether a sibling is the best person to administer long term care for a special needs person.  Get a copy today. 

How to write a Memorandum of Intent

This important communication is intended to indicate your preferences regarding the care of your special needs child as the beneficiary of the special needs trust you have created.  This Guide, created by the Academy of Special Needs Planners helps families with an outline on how to create this important document. 

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